Irrigation Check-Up

Here’s a one-question test:

My irrigation system and timer are (choose the most appropriate response):

A. A total mystery, I leave it to my lawn guy and then scratch my head when the water bill goes sky high.

B. Like my entertainment system remote, I just turn it on and off. Anything beyond that leaves me baffled.

C. A challenge. I know what all the buttons do but I don’t really know if I’m setting it right.

D. Critical to my lifestyle, I must have a perfect lawn so I water every day; cost is no object.

If you selected any of the above responses, you could benefit from:


IMG_3309We come to your home or business, tour your landscape with you, and teach you about your irrigation system. You learn how to make adjustments so you’re not watering the street or driveway. We will identify leaks and minor upgrades that improve how evenly the grass is watered. If repairs are needed, you can do them yourself, but if you decide to hire an irrigation company, you already know what needs to be fixed so you won’t get taken advantage of. You’ll learn how to set the timer. Finally, you receive a seasonal watering schedule tailored to your irrigation system and landscape so you can water the right amount. You can keep the grass green without wasting water!

Again, the cost to you is $0.00. Does it sound too good to be true? We offer this service because the easiest and most cost effective way to manage Tehachapi Valley water is to pump less of it.

An appointment takes about an hour. Call to schedule:
Liz Block, Water Conservation Coordinator


The little bit you save does make a difference. In fact it’s the ONLY thing that makes a difference!