TCCWD History

1850 – 1870’s- Livestock (cattle ranching) and some dry land farming
1880 – 1890 – Ranching, dry land farming, timber and mining
1900 – Present – Livestock, agriculture, hothouse, organic farming, vineyards, cement industry, wind industry, tourism and Bedroom Community to the southern San Joaquin and Antelope Valleys
1946 – 1947 – Tehachapi Soil Conservation District formed
1959 – 1964 – Tehachapi Watershed Planning Project & Tehachapi Cummings Valley Water Conservation District formed (1960)
1965 – Tehachapi Cummings County Water District formed replacing TCVWCD
1966 – AG and M&I Contracts executed for SWP entitlement
1966 – Three lawsuits filed in Superior Court in each of three ground water basins: Tehachapi, Brite and Cummings
1969 – Preliminary design and Feasibility Report for financing completed
1970 – Judgment in Brite Basin case filed
1971 – Original Judgment in Tehachapi Basin Case was filed
1971 – TCCWD Imported Water Project approved by voters of District and construction started
1972 – Judgment in Cummings Basin Case filed
1973 – Amended Judgment filed in Tehachapi Basin case
1973 – Imported Water first delivered into District (above both occurred Nov.14,1973) Financing through a Bureau of Reclamation loan under Public Law 984 in the amount of $6.5m and general obligation bonds in the amount of $2.5m
1974 – Present – TCCWD – SWP water deliveries, water management and conjunctive use programs
1975 – Court of Appeal, Fifth Appellate District, Renders an Opinion and Remands Cummings Valley Case to Kern County Superior Court
1984 – PL566 funding and start construction of Blackburn, Antelope Dams and Diversion channels.
1994 – Repower Plants 1,2,3,and 4 with new engines and pumps – Certificates of Participation for $5.3 million which includes approximately $1 million to build a new natural gas pipeline for an alternate supply of natural gas. Reduced emissions and a savings of 35% in fuel costs