Ordinance 2017-1 Establishing District Water Sales Priorities

Ordinance 2017-2- Increasing the Number of Compensable Service Days for Directors from Six to Ten

2017 Resolutions

Resolution 1-17 – Open

Resolution 2-17 Mid Yer Budget Review 2016-17

Resolution 3-17 Setting Water Rates for 2017

Resolution 4-17, Consolidating to Statewide General Elections

Resolution 5-17, Supporting ACWA Position on Bay-Delta Flow Requirements

Resolution 6-17 Establishing Preliminary Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018, Investment Policy, Appropriations Limit and Reserves Policy

Resolution 7-17 Determining Benefit Assessment for Tehachapi Watershed Project FY 2017-18

Resolution 8-17 Setting Tax Rates for FY 2017-18 for State Water Supply Contracts

Resolution 9-17 for Transfer of Funds

Resolution 10-17 Establishing the Final Budget for FY 2017-18, Investment Policy, Appropriations Limit and Reserves Policy

2016 Resolutions

Resolution 1-16 Amending Employee Handbook – Safety Incentive Policy

Resolution 2-16 Amending Budget

Resolution 3-16 Adjusting Water Rates

Resolution 4-16 Transfer of Funds

Res 6-16 delegation-authority

Resolution 8-16

Resolution 9-16 Amending the Employee Handbook-Medical Insurance

Resolution 10-16 Adopting the 2015 Update of Tehachapi Regional UWMP

Resolution 11-16 for Transfer of Funds

Resolution 12-16 Preliminary Budget FY 2016-17

Resolution 13-16 Tie Breaking Procedure

Resolution 14-16 Candidates Statements

Resolution 15-16 Consolication to General Elections

Resolution 16-16 Benefit Assessment FY 2016-17

Resolution 19-16 Final Budget for FY 2016-17

Resolution 21-16 Updating District’s Conflict of Interest Code

Resolution 23-16 Commending David Hadley-Signed

Resolution 24-16 Commending John Martin-Signed

Resolution 25-16 Amend. Water Service Rules Regs. Re CB Ag Users Recharge